After you enter your UEI, TIN, and bank account number if you receive “no match found”, please try these steps before putting in a help ticket


  1. Please ensure that the majority woman owner is the one claiming the business.
  2. Your Sam account in must be in the “Active” status to be able to access your records in Any changes to records in can take up to 72 business hours to transfer to Furthermore, your business must be registered in for ALL AWARDS and not just Loans and Grants.
  3. Please ensure the bank account number provided for matches the one you are using to claim your business. Make sure you aren’t using your routing number. If your bank account number has any zeros at the beginning and end, please include them. (Your bank account number can be found on your checks or on your online bank account).
  4. Make sure the TIN number is correct. If there is a zero at the beginning of the TIN number, please take out the zero and start with the second number. The SAM UEI and TIN/EIN should be numbered/letters only (no spaces or dashes).

After you enter your UEI, TIN, and bank account number if you receive “business already claimed”, please ensure you are using the same email address that was used for creating the

If you are still having issues, please create a support ticket at the following URL:


When creating the support ticket please select “Claim Business” as the Major Support Category and "Business Not Found-UEI, MPIN and EIN/TIN Provided" as the Minor Support Type and in the description area of the support ticket form provide the following: