WOSB wants to ensure that only qualifying businesses are certified by our program, and as such have specific requirements that must be met by applicant firms. Among these are strict guidelines for documentation proving that a business is woman-owned and controlled, small according to its NAICS code, and (where applicable) economically-disadvantaged. Below you can find some common issues firms encounter when submitting documentation as part of their application:


  • A document might be deemed missing if: a necessary document, such as a tax return or record of bylaws, is wholly missing from an application.
  • A document might be deemed incomplete if: SBA has received the document, but it is found to be lacking a key element like a signature or missing a page of necessary information.
  • A document might not meet program requirements if: the information included therein does not demonstrate that the firm meets the requirements for WOSB certification. This scenario might include: tax returns that indicate that the business does not meet size standards; records that show that the owner is not a US citizen; or articles of incorporation indicating that majority control and operational oversight of the firm does not belong to a woman.