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Please see the below regarding the "attestation and submission" function to understand how to submit your application.

Once all the required information and the documents are submitted, the user must submit the application to SBA by attesting the Program Self-Certification Summary. This can only be done by the applicant. Follow the instruction below to complete the attestation:  

  1. Navigate to the Application Overview page,  
  2. Click the ‘Individual Contributors’ link  
  3. Then navigate to Invitee section  
  4. Click the ‘Next’ button 
  5. Read and complete the declaration form by selecting each checkbox 
  6. Click the ‘Attest and Submit’ button  

This process is detailed in the applicant user guide pages 57-60. See applicant user guide here:  WOSB Applicant User Guide  ·

Please Note: To be able to Attest and Submit your application you will need to have completed all parts of your application including the Firm Owner Questionnaire for your application found within the Individual Contributor Card.